Electric kitchen mixers are an important and essential appliance for home bakers and professionals. The electric mixers are adaptable enough to whip up everything from stiff bread dough to airy layer cakes.

Most importantly, these electric mixers cut down on the time and effort of mixing by hand. Among electric mixers, the best ones are stand mixers with accessories to tackle other kitchen projects like freshly squeezed juice, DIY ice cream, and from-scratch pasta.

Electric mixers are an investment like other kitchen appliances. You have multiple options to choose from, ranging from feature-rich models to budget-friendly basics with stylish designs and hues.

So, if you are looking forward to buying an electric mixer, it can be a challenge to find the right fit for your kitchen.

To help you find the best one for your kitchen, this article has got reviews from real shoppers who bought and tried the different electric mixers. So, without further delay. Let’s dig into it!

List of best 10 electric kitchen mixer:

Here are the 10 best electric kitchen mixer, according to rating and customer reviews:

ProductsRatingCheck Price
Kenwood Chef XL Sense, Stand Mixer10/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Ausbury Stand Kitchen Electric Mixer with Dough Hook9.8/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Sunbeam JM5900 Beatermix Pro, White, 320 W9/6/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Elikliv Food Stand Mixer, Electric Whisk9.5/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Russell Hobbs 24671-56 Hand Mixer9.4/10View Product & Price On Amazon
MIC Stand Mixer 3 in 1 Multifunction Mixer9/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Kenwood Chef XL Elite, Stand Mixer 6.7L8.8/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Breville VFM021 HeatSoft Hand Mixer with Whisk8.5/10View Product & Price On Amazon
KitchenAid 5KHM5110BWH 5 Speed Hand Mixer8/10View Product & Price On Amazon
Best looking KENWOOD HandMix Lite Hand Mixer7.8/10View Product & Price On Amazon

Read more about each electric kitchen mixer and get ready to enjoy a whole new world of baked items.

Best overall: Kenwood Chef XL Sense, Stand Mixer:

Kenwood Chef XL is a stand mixer that is perfect for creating light mousses and perfectly airy and fluffy mixtures at any time.

You can bake all your favorites with the help of its high-quality bowl tools and attachments including a creaming beater, flat k-beater, dough hook, whisk, splash guard, spatula, and folding tool.

The most surprising thing about this stand mixer is its 6.7L mixing bowl,best-rated, which is ideal for larger baking tasks, and adjustable bowl tools allow you to mix smaller quantities as well.

This stand mixer is one of the best-rated stand mixers with a 1400W motor that maintains the speed and power even under heavy loads. The electronic speed control in this stand mixer allows you to control the speed + pulse while mixing different products.

  • ● Speed control
  • ● Suitable for larger baking tasks
  • ● 6.7L mixing bowl size – adjustable
  • ● High-quality bowl tools and attachments
  • N/A

Best value: Ausbury Stand Kitchen Electric Mixer with Dough Hook:

Ausbuy electric stand mixer offers the best value and experience of baking. Its multi-accessories configuration includes the stainless steel egg beater, cast aluminum surface hook, cast aluminum flower knife, pot cover, and spatula ready for maximizing your cooking and baking experience.

You can achieve thorough and perfect mixing with the help of its 6 gear speed adjustment feature. You can beat, whip, or rub to achieve the desired effect.

Its fashionable and stylish look makes it a versatile kitchen appliance which you can use not only to cook for yourself but also for friends and relatives. It is highly portable and easy to clean.

The splash cover prevents chaos while you are making juices, cooking meats, or baking your favorite desserts.

  • ● 4.5L stainless steel bowl
  • ● Efficient and convenient to use
  • ● Suitable for every type of baking, cooking, and juicing
  • ● 6 gear speed adjustment
  • N/A

Best professional level: Sunbeam JM5900 Beatermix Pro, White, 320 W:

Sunbeam JM5900 is a hand mixer with 10 speeds, 5 low-range speeds for kneading, and 5 high-range speeds for mixing, which helps you achieve a controlled mixing action.

For creaming butter and sugar there are special V-groove beaters and also include dough hooks. Moreover, the cleaning of this electric hand mixer is really easy because you can easily release attachments with the help of an ejection button.

The powerful 320W motor and 10 speeds controller makes it a professional kitchen appliance and a perfect electric mixer for your baking and cooking.

You will find a hand mixer, 2 dough hooks, and 2 V-groove beaters in the box.

  • ● 320W motor with 10 speeds
  • ● 2 dough hooks and 2 V-groove beaters
  • ● Ejection button for releasing attachments
  • N/A

best for beginners: Elikliv Food Stand Mixer, Electric Whisk:

Elikliv electric food mixer is suitable for beginners. Its comfortable handle fits the contour of the hand, and the grip is also comfortable. The handle is made of a strong material that prevents sweating in the hands.

The best thing about this electric mixer is its porous heat dissipation system, which prevents it from overheating. The air inlet is at the front section, while the heat dissipator is at the rear end. Heat dissipator also ensures that the motor works for long-term normal operation.

The 5-speed regulator allows you to achieve high-quality results from whisking, beating, and hooking. The 2 stainless steel attachments are perfect for whipping dough and whipping eggs while cooking or baking.

It doesn’t matter if you use it for mixing dough, whisking, egg beating, or cream mixing because it is the most durable choice.

  • ● 5 different speeds for desired results
  • ● 2 stainless steel attachments for mixing and whipping ingredients
  • ● It can be used for every type of baking and cooking
  • ● Suitable for beginners
  • N/A

Best budget-friendly: Russell Hobbs 24671-56 Hand Mixer:

Russel Hobbs provides you the most impressive accessories containing a good-quality stainless steel hand mixer. It is not only good for a beating, but also it comes in a good-looking whisk, shiny finishing, and with a black matte.

It contains a large yet comfortable handle with a great grip and balance, which makes this one of the easiest whisks to use. It provides the best and perfect beat performance. However, at high speed, some kind of vibration and noise may occur at a high speed.

Despite the fact that it may wobble in the beginning, Russell Hobbs is an excellent whisk with the best accessories at a very affordable price. The machine has a large handle that is easy to use and has a little forward heaviness.

  • ● Large handle
  • ● Easy to balance
  • ● Comes with impressive accessories
  • ● Perfect beat
  • N/A

Best splurge: MIC Stand Mixer 3 in 1 Multifunction Mixer:

MIC Stand MIxer is a multi-functional stand mixer that provides you the best blending services. If you get a 3 in 1 multi-functional mixer, you will be able to avail of a stand mixer, a meat grinder, kneading, beating, meat grinding for all your recipes.

You can also use it to make all kinds of juices, sauce, baby foods, and milk shakes. It does not only save your money but also your time and kitchen space. It is a very stable stand, anti-slip, and the most improved stability. It is also easy to move when using it.

The MIC Stand Mixer contains a high power of 1100 W power, which lets it do its job more efficiently and effectively. You can also choose a particular speed for different purposes.

  • ● Enhanced Stability
  • ● Anti Slip
  • ● High Power
  • N/A

Best quality :Kenwood Chef XL Elite, Stand Mixer 6.7L:

As the name indicates, this elite Kenwood stand mixer has a capacity of 6.7L, which is suitable for large baking and cooking tasks. It effortlessly folds light and heavy ingredients together to create a fluffy and airy mixture at any time.

Moreover, it contains stainless steel baking tools, including a flat k-beater, dough hook, creaming beater, whisk, splash guard, and spatula.

The 6.7L polished stainless steel mixing bowl is ideal for larger baking tasks, and adjustable bowl tools make it easier for you to mix the smaller quantities of the ingredients as well.

Electronic speed control allows you to mix the ingredients with the choice of variable speed, pulse, fold setting, and start/stop option. It can easily handle heavy baking because of its heavy-duty motor of 1400W.

  • ● Best for larger baking tasks
  • ● More capacity than any other mixer
  • ● Speed control
  • ● Heavy-duty 1400W motor
  • N/A

Best for precision: Breville VFM021 HeatSoft Hand Mixer with Whisk:

Breville hand mixer is known for its precision. It has an innovative feature called “heatSoft” that blows warm air towards the beaters.

You might be thinking about how it can be helpful? Well, it allows you to use cold butter straight from the fridge because it will slowly meltdown and soften the butter. Not every hand mixer is offering you this amazing feature.

Most people forget to take the butter out of the fridge before baking or cooking. This feature is specifically built for such people, at high speed so they won’t have to worry about the cold butter anymore.

It easily softens the butter 12x faster than leaving it on your kitchen shelves. Moreover, it offers you 7 different speed adjustments with a boost for full control.

The beaters are made of polished stainless steel and also includes dough hooks and whisks.

  • ● HeatSoft feature to melt butter while mixing
  • ● 7 different speed adjustments
  • ● Stainless steel beaters and whisks
  • N/A

Best compact: KitchenAid 5KHM5110BWH 5 Speed Hand Mixer:

KitchenAid 5-speed hand mixer is a highly compact hand mixer with a five-speed adjustment that allows you to mix cookie dough or add in chocolate chips or nuts at the lowest speed and whip the cream at the high speed.

You can easily lock the cord into either the right or left side so you can mix the ingredients from any angle. The round cord also allows you to easily wipe clean.

If you are tired of removing the accessories of your hand mixer one by one, then this hand mixer is for you because it allows you to quickly remove the accessories with a single-handed press of a button.

Its stainless steel beaters have no centre post, so you can thoroughly mix without building much batter in the centre of beaters.

  • ● Stainless steel beaters with no center post
  • ● 5-speed adjustment
  • ● Easy-to-use
  • ● Highly compact
  • N/A

Best looking KENWOOD HandMix Lite Hand Mixer:

As compared to Kenwood’s stand mixers, this lite hand mixer by Kenwood is best looking and easy-to-use.

If you want a clean-looking, no-frills, and unfussy whisk, then Kenwood hand-mix lite is for you. From the impressive 450W motor to the hard glossy shell that stays clean all the time, most people love how well this whisk works.

One drawback of this hand mixer is that it has a slippery handle and a small problem with balance. But that is almost negligible.

The best thing about this hand mixer is that it is super easy to use, powerful and unfussy at an affordable price range.

It has stainless steel beaters and dough hooks with 5 variable speeds and a pulse function that allows you to mix or beat the ingredients at a desired speed and manner.

  • ● Unfussy, easy-to-use, and powerful
  • ● 5 variable speeds and a pulse function
  • ● Stainless steel beaters
  • ● Affordable price range
  • N/A

The Bottom Line

The workhorses of a busy kitchen, hand and stand mixers, can do much more than whip up cream or cake batter. Traditionally, most of the hand and stand mixers last many years, but do today’s models stand the test of time?

In this article, we had a closer look at the 10 best kitchen electric mixers for baking and cooking. While buying a suitable one for your kitchen, you should keep in mind some technical points like capacity, versatility, weight, and value for money.

After reading this article, I hope you might have figured out which would be the best electric hand or stand mixer for your kitchen.


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