No one would like to stand in a long queue to buy a favorite smoothie! You don’t need to now, as the trick to prepare the blended drinks at home is here. You can own a blender on your kitchen shelf, and preparing your favorite drinks-from smoothies to milkshakes- will be at your fingertips. Are you still confused? We are referring to the best blenders in 2021. Keep reading.

Blenders are getting immense fame from the past few years and have also outclassed the juicers. No matter if you want to blend some berries, prepare a banana shake, or make a pitcher of margarita, these blends are well-suited for each. Do you know what’s unique about preparing your chilled drink in these best blenders? It’s easy, super-fast, and convenient to control the ingredients. Thus, you cannot not only have a blissful taste but care for your health needs as well.

Wait! Aren’t you looking for a chilled beverage maker? No worries! These blenders are also equipped with a higher RPM functionality to create the super-hot soups using the friction heat.

The last but not the least benefit of buying these best blenders is to care for your diet. You cannot merely rely on Uber Eats every single day. Thus, sticking to healthy habits is not a problem now with these smart blenders in your cupboard. Pour in the ingredients as per our guide, and get a healthy drink in 30 seconds. Nothing can replace this super-quick meal!

Now you know the importance of owning the best blenders in your daily life, it’s time to move onto our next section. Our experts have carefully chosen the best blenders in 2021, keeping in mind the various smart functionalities.

5 Best Blenders in 2021:

Best Overall Blender:

1. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender:


Five Programmed Settings:

The best blenders in 2021 are not hard to find if you look out for a few things. To make it easy for you Vitamix Blender A3500 will handle everything! It has featured five pre-programmed settings that let you organize anything from the above list at the touch of a button. Not just this, but the powerful 2.2 HP motor will make it possible in a few seconds with an outclass blend.

Self-Detect Technology:

Vitamix Blender A3500 holds the title of “Smart Blender,” and there’s a reason why! The base has sensors onboard which can detect the container size you’re putting on and then adjust the settings as per need. Isn’t it a time-saving job for you?

Variable and Adjustable:

Who doesn’t like options in their meal! It’s only possible due to the variable and adjustable speed options of Vitamix Blender A3500, which let you blend and mix anything fruit or vegetable you want. You can fine-tune the speed and pulse utilizing the built-in timer to yield the blissful final product.

Modern Blade Technology:

Not only these laser-cut blades are robust, but they deliver the same quality even after years of usage. The stainless steel build makes sure that you get the perfect blend and sufficient friction heat at higher RPMs to prepare delicious soups.

Patented Container Design:

Blades cannot play many roles in chopping and blending evenly! Here comes the containers’ patented design, which can get the ingredients back into the blade’s Reach for an even blend.

  • Vitamix vortex technology
  • Built-in timer
  • Customized blending
  • Easy to clean
  • Requires an extra container for some recipes


Best Runner Up Blender

2. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender:


Professional Grade blending:

No matter you’re looking for a blender machine at your kitchen shield in-home or restaurant, this Ninja Blender can handle both! Hence, utilizing its 1100 Watt power motor never says ”No” to blend any hard fruit or vegetables.

Multiple Speed:

Versatility is the reason for fame for this Ninja Blender! That’s right; you can get three-speed options at the single touch of a button. Moreover, apart from three-speed modes, you can fine-tune the pulse and adjust the servings for consistency.

Perfect Nutrient Extraction:

Powerful motor base and the sharp, robust blades; that is enough to prepare a super-healthy beverage! The Professional Grade Extraction Mechanism by the Ninja Blades enables every shake or smoothie lover to enjoy the full-nutrient drinks in seconds.

Single Serve on the go:

Ninja Blender comes equipped with the blender cup! You can blend your favorite ingredients and then twist the cup back to enjoy your drink on the go. It’s quick and efficient.

Dishwasher Safe

What’s noticeable in this Ninja Blender is it cares for your health! The material is entirely dishwasher safe and BPA free, leaving no worries behind using the blender to prepare your meals. 72 ounces total crushing size with two 16 ounces Ninja Pitchers comes with the package.

  • On the go drinks
  • Three-speed options
  • Six blade assembly
  • 1100 watt powerful motor
  • N/A

Best Affordable Blender

3. Oster My Blend 250-Watt Blender:


On the Spot:

Might you be here for a single serving blender for yourself? If so, we won’t let you go anywhere as our top 5 list includes this Oster Blender, which will fall under the budget limit as well. What’s unique about this Oster Blender is its super-fats operation, and a compact/sleek look to practically enjoy on the spot drinks.

Dual Power Mode:

You must be wondering what this 250 Watt power can do to chop the fruits and ice? Worry not! Dual power mode will help you crush the ice and hard fruits and vegetables at 400 Watts power. Once done, you can mix or blend the rest at 250 watts of power. All this can be done at a single button press- at your fingertips.

No Overheating:

Single-serve blenders can have overheat issues, but this Oster Blender has the solution now! A built-in fuse can revive the motor in 15 minutes if the overheating causes any trouble- no more maintenance costs now!

Perfect for Health Enthusiast:

This My Blend Oster Blender comes out as an ideal choice for all workout lovers and gym enthusiasts. The compact styles 250-watt bass and the sleek pitcher on the top enable you to have a 20 Oz. Serve on-the-spot without any mess. A carry hook on the lid gives it a sporty look as well.

  • Easy to carry along
  • 20-Ounce BPA free bottle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1-Touch blending
  • Quite a bulky base

Best Performance Blender

4. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo:


Versatile Options:

NutriBullet Blender has got you so many options and versatile speed modes to choose from; so that you can have a nutritious drink of your own choice. NutriBullet’s Professional Extraction Mechanism and the multi-serving pitcher are the reason for fame for this powerful blender among smoothie lovers. A single-serve cup is also included in the options!

Adjustable Speed Settings:

Not every fruit or vegetable requires the same speed! Keeping that in mind, NutriBullet Blender has featured three-speed modes with pulse function and an extract program to prepare an out-of-the-world drink for yourself. Thus, you are in full control using the single press button.

Powerful Blade:

NutriBullet Blender has cared for every family member of yours! It has a robust stainless steel blade on-bard, which can chop and blend any fruits or vegetables you want. The easy twist Extractor blade has made things more manageable with the cyclonic action at higher RPMs.

Cleaning is not a problem:

Hassle-free cleaning is one of the loveable features of this NutriBullet Blender. The super-durable BPA-Free plastic is not just health-friendly but easy to clean.

  • Comes with the 32 and 24 Oz. cups
  • Includes the go-to lids
  • Easy-twist extractor blade
  • Durable BPA-free pitcher
  • Blades lose sharpness over time.

Best Bang For Buck Blender

5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender:


Wave Action Method:

No one can replace the patented blend action of this Hamilton Beach Blender! It holds the powerful 700 Wattage motor that continuously pulls the ingredients towards the blade and perfectly blends them. The consistent and smooth blends will be the results of this powerful machine.

12 Pre-set Options:

Hamilton Beach Blender has made things easier for all the shake and smoothie lovers! The blender features the 12 pre-set blending modes on the control panel. You can access each method using the five buttons, and then there’s no need to adjust the speed, pulse, or extraction manually. You can prepare smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more.

Easy Pouring:

Another decent feature for this Hamilton Beach Blender is its easy and no-mess pouring. The pour spout with a hinged cap is the reason behind this.

Perfect Blend:

Not every smoothie is of the same taste! But this Hamilton Beach Blender is here to develop a consistent taste on your taste buds with it’s the perfect blend. The pitcher owns the specialized shape to move the ingredient continuously for an even bending.

  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • No mess pouring
  • 40 Oz. dishwasher safe jar
  • 700 watts peak power
  • May require extra liquid to blend ingredients

Comparison Chart – Best Blenders in 2021:

1. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart BlenderVitamixTritan1400 Watt64 Oz.
2. Ninja Professional Countertop BlenderNinjaPlastic1100 Watt72 Oz.
3. Oster My Blend 250-Watt BlenderOsterPlastic250 Watt20 Oz.
4. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender ComboNutriBulletStainless Steel, Plastic1200 Watt64 Oz.
5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite BlenderHamiltonStainless Steel700 Watt40 Oz.

How To Choose The Best Blenders in 2021? – Buying Guide:

Choosing the best blender might be a confusing task for some having little knowledge in this regard. But worry not! We’ve got your back as always! Here is some consideration which you need to prioritize while deciding to own the best blenders.

Factors to consider while buying best blenders in 2021:


First things first, no one knows what fruits you’re going to blend in this nifty machine except yourself! Thus, keeping that in mind, make sure to buy the blender with enough motor power that can crush and mixt your desired ingredients.

The universal rule implies here, the higher the motor power, the higher the RPM will be! Thus, blenders with high wattage motor power not only consume much electricity but cost you much as well. Blender with higher power ratings (usually 1500watts or above) can crush ice into snow in seconds on the similar side. These blenders also have a heat mode due to higher RPM friction heat generation.


With that being said, next comes the speed! It is also correlated with the motor power as higher speed will be achieved at higher ratings. The point is to own the blender with multiple speed options to utilize it for versatile operations. Usually, the high-end blenders fulfill that need, but the personal blender type has only a single-speed chance. Make sure to buy the best one with suitable speed modes.


The third most important thing to keep in mind is the blade quality. A blender shouldn’t feature sharp blades that tend to dull over time. Instead, they should come with hard and strong blades that can chop everything in their path at a certain speed. Also, having less sharpness and more robustness will make the cleaning much safer.

Cleaning Ease:

When it comes to cleaning, the blenders with conventional design might win the competition. You can separate the motor from the upper pitcher and easily clean it using the soap water. Now the modern styled blenders have the self-cleaning option that can clean itself once you pour the water inside. Personal blenders don’t support the self-cleaning option.

Safe and Healthy:

The last but not the least thing to consider is the material and quality! Make sure that the plastic or glass material is food-grade and is free from toxic chemicals.


Compromising on your diet just because of lacking a gadget in your home is not justifying! Blenders serve you as an all-in-one device capable enough to fulfill your beverage needs- whether it’s to soothe the taste buds or complete the healthy diet plan! We’ve mentioned the top 5 best blenders in 2021 that you can invest in for a wonderful blending experience.

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