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If we made an inventory of the essential home appliances that keep us safe, the freezer would take a top spot. Refrigerators are equipped to store food for a brief period, but freezers, especially chest freezers keep food stored for much longer. Besides having a reliable compressor cooling system, an honest freezer should also keep your food frozen for a full 24 hrs or longer if you experience an influence outage. Let’s have a look at Best Freezer for Basement

Before you head to a household appliance store for a freezer, there are a few belongings you should know first. What sort of freezer would fit your home better? Does one know what a chest freezer is? Which is best – manual or auto-defrost (a.k.a. frost-free)? Did you recognize manual defrost freezer models are better at storing food for the future than their auto-defrost counterparts? Is your garage well insulated to simply accept a refrigerator or freezer?

Our 4 Best Freezers

Looking for the simplest freezers within the market? GE and Frigidaire tend to form the simplest products. The glaring absence of the best refrigerator brands is surprising during this category. Here are our top 4 freezer picks.

1) Best Mid-Size Upright Freezer, GE FUF14DLRWW

GE refrigerators receive excellent reviews. An equivalent goes for GE freezers. The 29-inch 14 Cu. ft. GE upright freezer is great for future food storage. a bit like other GE freezers, the FUF14DLRWW is formed to perform from 0F to 110F, making them flexible for several environmental conditions. The unit features a Turbo Freeze quick-freeze system that provides the inside an additional boost of cold air to take care of the set temperature.

As an additional feature, the FUF14DLRWW features a self-ejecting key lock that forestalls unauthorized access to food items. Other exciting features of the unit include the brilliant LED interior lighting and therefore the external temperature control that permits you to regulate the temperature without opening the freezer.

Why we love it

Here’s why we consider the FUF14DLRWW one of the simplest freezers on the market.
● Quick freeze
● Exterior electronic temperature control
● Adjustable glass shelves for flexible storage

Key Features

Other key features of the FUF14DLRWW include
● Brilliant LED interior lighting
● Self-ejecting key lock
● Good space for storing

2) Best Small Upright Freezer, Frigidaire FFFU06M1TW

The 22-inch FFFU06M1TW with 6 cu. ft. capacity affords enough space to refill and store frozen foods but remains sufficiently small to suit small spaces. Its adjustable temperature controls and five-wire shelves allow better storage flexibility.
Unlike the FFFH20F3VW, the unit isn’t an automatic defrost model, which makes it great for future storage. It also has excellent performance and is extremely affordable. The FFFU06M1TW is right for little households with little frozen-food storage needs.

Why We love it

Here are some features we discover remarkable about the unit:
● Adjustable shelves for flexible storage
● Fits into small spaces
● UltraSoft Door design

Key Features

Other key features of the FFFU06M1TW include
● Adjustable temperature control
● Defrost water drain
● Leveling legs

3) Best Overall Chest Freezer, GE FCM22DLWW

The 73-inch GE chest freezer with 22 cu. ft. capacity is top on our list of best cheap freezers. Besides the generous space, the unit offers, its sliding storage baskets and a second level rail for added storage flexibility.
The FCM22DLWW has adjustable temperature controls, which permit you to line the unit at the desired temperature levels. it’s also designed to perform from 0F to 110F, making it suitable for various other environmental conditions.

Why We love it

We find the FCM22DLWW very remarkable due to its:
● Generous space for storing
● Sliding storage baskets with second level rail for better storage flexibility

Key Features

Other key features of the unit include:
● Audible temperature alarm
● Brilliant LED interior lighting
● Lock (and key) to stop unauthorized access
● Energy Star certified

4) Best Small Chest Freezer, GE FCM11PHWW

The 51-inch GE freezer with 11 cu. ft. capacity is our greatest budget chest freezer on the list. Besides the capacity, which works well for little households, the unit is provided with three lift-out sliding baskets for storage flexibility. The defrost water drain also makes manual defrosting tons easier.
The FCM11PHWW, a bit like it’s 22 cu. ft. GE counterpart has adjustable temperature controls and an influence ON light which tells you when the freezer is operational. The unit also comes with a lock and key for added security.

Why We love it

Here’s why the FCM11PHWW made it to our top six list:
● scoop sliding baskets for storage flexibility
● Generous space for storing

Key Features

Other key features of the unit include:
● Adjustable temperature control
● Lock with key
● Brilliant interior LED lighting
● Power ON indicator light to understand when the freezer is operational.
● Energy Star Certified


In lately of stocking up and spending longer with family, we appreciate the convenience of getting a further freezer. Chest freezers are quickly becoming essential appliances in most homes, enabling us to store and safeguard food items for an extended time.
A good freezer should have a huge temperature range, manual/auto defrosting abilities, and a reliable compressor cooling system. The freezers that made it to our top six lists are equipped with these features and more. Check our purchasing guide, and our catalog of freezers for more features.


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