Best Pressure Cooker for Canning

If you would like to can low-acid foods like beans, corn, meat, and broth, you would like the Best Pressure Cooker for Canning (water bath canning is merely for high-acid foods like fruit preserves and lots of pickles). A pressure canner maybe a pot that holds a minimum of four quart-size jars, with a locking lid, a pressure gauge, a steam vent, and a jar rack.

Pressure canners heat struggling to a temperature that’s above boiling water; this process kills microorganisms and bacteria within the ingredients—specifically botulism. Pressure canners aren’t to be confused with pressure cookers, which are designed to cook foods quickly struggling, but lack the capacity and pressure control needed to thoroughly process canned foods for food safety.

1. Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

  • Large capacity
  • Works on most cooktops
  • N/A

This 23-quart pressure canner is large enough to carry 24 half-pint jars, 20 pint jars, or seven quart sized jars. It is often used as a boiling water canner also as a pressure canner.

The deluxe dial pressure gage makes it easy to regulate the pressure for correct canning, even at high altitudes. This works on gas, electric, or smooth-top ranges, but can’t be used on convection cooktops since it’s made up of aluminum.

The air vent and canopy lock confirm the pressure can only build when the lid is closed properly and prevents the duvet from being removed before the pressure is released. The canner comes with a canning rack and an 80-page booklet with full instruction and recipes.

2. All American 10.5 Quart autoclave & Canner

  • Seals without gaskets
  • Built to last
  • N/A

If you would like to sometimes can small batches of soup stock or vegetables, a ten 1/2-quart canner might add up. This one is merely 11 3/4 inches tall, with a ten 1/4-inch inside diameter, so it won’t take the maximum amount space for storing as a bigger canner, yet it meets the minimum capacity requirements for safe pressure canning: four quart-sized jars or seven pint-sized jars.

This canner is formed from cast aluminum with a satin finish so it’s easy to stay clean. Wingnuts on the lid clamp it shut, and there are not any gaskets that require replacing since this features a metal-to-metal sealing system. Because you don’t need to affect a gasket, the lid is straightforward to place on and begin.

3. Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum autoclave

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • N/A

If you’re trying to find a canner and don’t care much about using the pot for pressure cooking or stovetop cooking, this budget canner will make your wallet happy. Since it’s made up of aluminum, it shouldn’t be used for cooking reactive foods like tomatoes, but it might be fine for non-acidic foods or for steaming. And in fact, it’s great for pressure canning, where the liquid is simply plain water that doesn’t is available contact with the food you’re cooking.

This 22-quart canner holds five quart-sized jars or 16 pint-sized jars. It’s an adjustable regulator for five, 10, or 15 psi. Safety features include a reusable over-pressure plug, a locking lid, and a gasket pressure release.


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