Nespresso’s Vertuo system proved to be a winner, delivering a mug filled with rich and smooth coffee. The second iteration of the machine, the Nespresso Vertuo Next, produces quality coffee using an equivalent centrifugal system but during a smaller package, adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into the combination. For people who prefer an extended coffee, this is often a superb pod coffee machine as explain in Nespresso Vertuo Next Review.

  • Simple to use
  • Delivers excellent mug full of coffee
  • Excellent choice of pods
  • N/A

Nespresso Vertuo Next – What you need to know Top of Form

Nespresso Vertuo Next – What you would like to understand
• Ease of use – One-touch operation makes this almost the simplest coffee machine to use
• Coffee quality – Strong, smooth and rich coffee that will fill a mug makes this coffee like you’ve not had before.

Build and features – Solidly made and simple to use

The main difference between this machine and therefore the original Nespresso system is that the Vertuo pods are designed to deliver larger, mug-fulls of coffee, instead of just espresso or lungo shots. This suggests that Vertuo machines need larger water tanks, so you don’t need to constantly refill them, which successively means they tend to be bigger coffee machines than people who use original pods.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is certainly quite a beast of a machine, with an outsized 1.7-liter cistern at the rear. While not particularly wide, the machine needed a good amount of height clearance to be stored.

The Vertuo Next maybe a smaller, leaner coffee machine that matches into a smaller space (320 x 140 x 380mm). a part of the space-saving is right down to the smaller 1.1-liter cistern at the rear. Even so, with the bulk of Nespresso Vertuo pods delivering 230ml of drink, you’ll get four mugs out of this machine before having to refill it.

Nespresso sells this machine in three different variations. The essential machine (£149) is finished in plastic but features a choice of six colors; the Vertuo Next Premium (£179) is out there with a cleaner finish and comes in two colors; the Vertuo Next Deluxe (£199) features a smart light- or dark-chrome exterior and is that the model that I even have on review.

Versions aside, all models offer equivalent features, including the moveable drip tray that has three positions, allowing everything from an espresso cup to a mug 165mm tall to be placed under the spout.
The Vertuo Plus had a motorized lid that lifted at the touch of a button; the Vertuo Next features a spring-loaded lid with a manual clip at the front. Just slide the clip to the unlocked positions and therefore the lid springs open so that you’ll drop a capsule into place. you would like a touch of force to shut and lock the lid, but it’s not a difficult job.

Arguably, the new system has less which will fail with it, but my Vertuo Plus machine remains going strong quite three years after I first had it.
One of the simplest things about the Vertuo series is that it’s truly a one-button operation. There’s a barcode on each capsule which tells the machine the way to prepare the coffee and the way much liquid to dispense.

If you don’t just like the defaults, there are options: you’ll manually stop the flow of coffee when you’re done, otherwise, you can top up with extra water; and, you’ll press and hold the button down until you’ve got the proper amount of coffee to line a replacement delivery amount. Defaults are stored per coffee type, so you would like to recollect to press-and-hold the button for every coffee type.

All used coffee pods are picked up and slid into the used capsule bin, which you merely pull out the side of the machine.
This coffee machine has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which lets the machine keep track of the capsules you employ so that you’ll get a warning via the app when you’re running out of coffee.

This also allows you to update the firmware on the coffee machine, presumably so that dispensing volumes are often adjusted and fine-tuned. It’s easy enough to urge the Vertuo Next connected to your home network, but there’s little you’ll do once it’s online.

Coffee quality – Rich and smooth coffee

Key to the success of the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine is its centrifugal brewing system, which spins the coffee pod at high speed to extract the coffee. Each pod features a barcode thereon that tells the Vertuo Next what proportion coffee to dispense and the way it should be extracted.
It’s a powerful system, with many coffee choices; including espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, mug, and alto (large mug) options. Nespresso launched with a powerful array of coffee types, including flavored ones, and therefore the range has extended: see my best Nespresso Vertuo pod round-up for more details.

What I like about the system is that you simply get a mug filled with rich, smooth coffee with a deep crema like no other coffee you’ve tasted. Temperature across the range is spot on at around 67C, with impressive control over the quantity of coffee dispensed for every type. The flavor depends on the capsules that you simply use, but the Vertuo Next is capable of delivering an upscale experience like you’ve not had before. The Vertuo Next is my machine of choice for a morning coffee.

Maintenance – Very easy to stay running

Pod machines are very easy to take care of, and therefore the Nespresso Vertuo Next is one among the only therein group. Because of the centrifugal brewing system, just about all traces of coffee are extracted from the machine; therefore the pods begin relatively dry. It’s nice to ascertain a small refinement to the used capsule bin, with an inner liner that has holes in it, so any moisture runs out. All capsules are completely recyclable free of charge via Nespresso stores or organized collection.

Should you buy the Nespresso Vertuo Next?

The first question you’ve got to ask yourself is, is that the Vertuo system for you? If you wish for longer drinks of coffee, then this is that the right type for you; if you favor espresso, a standard machine or Nespresso pod machine are the simplest options.

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For people who like that extended coffee, the Nespresso Vertuo Next is a superb choice, delivering smooth, long shots of coffee in a way that’s completely different from the other machine. The new coffee machine size is slightly more manageable than with the first Nespresso Vertuo Plus, too.


It is slightly costlier than similar coffee machines and uses some expensive coffee pods but the Vertuo Next by Magimix may be a super-looking machine that makes great coffee and maybe a complete aesthetic overhaul on the bulky Vertuo Plus.

There are not any extras like pod storage trays, cup heaters, or milk frothers, so those within the marketplace for an all-singing, all-dancing machine that will make a bubbly brew might want to seem elsewhere. But that’s to not take anything faraway from the machine itself.

The Vertuo Next by Magimix is great for anyone who enjoys longer coffees as they’re the foremost likely to derive the foremost enjoyment from the Vertuo pod range, which offers great tasting premium coffees in sizes up to 400ml plus.


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